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We invite you and your spouse for the next Honey Bee Network meeting, June 1-3, 2018, Grambharti Amrapur, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Your support and belief in the Honey Bee Philosophy over the last three decades has sustained it. However, to address new opportunities and challenges, we must review our strategy and develop better ways to collaborate within ourselves and also with the knowledge rich-economically disadvantaged communities. We have to do an honest assessment of the strengths of our partners and collaborators and weaknesses of ours, the hub. This will help us to pursue our common goals more efficiently and in a more democratic way. SRISTI was founded on June 1, 1993 with a mission to provide institutional support to Honey Bee Network and hence this request.

There are many areas in the country where the Network needs to have its stronger presence. In the same state, sometimes, it becomes difficult to do justice to creativity in all the regions. How do we become polycentric? How do we  increase the proportion of women’s knowledge in our database? This is one area where we have not had much success.

How to induct younger leaders who can question us, fight with us, and make the network more horizontal and accountable to the creative communities. It is their generosity in sharing their knowledge which has  generated the resources for sustaining lot of activities of the Network.

While our scouting efforts have yielded great results, diffusion has been a challenge for the Network. We must find ways to diffuse our innovations farther, faster and with greater fellowship. We may not have not harnessed enough the power of innovative school and college teachers. We have also not mobilised rural youth in summer or winter vacation for expanding sharing and searching of innovations. Our scouting to sharing ratio of innovations is something we cannot be collectively very proud of. We can do much better. We need to use  social media as well as conventional media more vigorously. Not many  examples of innovations have been incorporated in text books.  

Many of us have found novel ways to support innovations and many are facing new challenges. Lessons and initiatives from one region may be relevant in other regions as well. Sharing our experiences will strengthen  the Network in preparing better  for the future.

How to bring greater transparency, fairness and justice in everything that we do. We look forward to seeing you soon so that we can take a self-critical look at our Network, its governance and future directions togther. Kindly plan in a way that you can reach Gandhinagar by the evening of May 31st, 2018 or in the morning of June 1, 2018. We are committed to make your stay joyful and meaningful, pl come with your family.

SRISTI Parivar


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