WITH YOUR सपोर्ट...

The new hospital was inaugurated! I am writing on the above what was written in that invitation! One step ahead! And the cooperation was written about! Those who can see you in the side!

The new step is not without your cooperation and faith! Many people are with us when we go with them, so we listen to them! We will also have told many people, I am with you! Speaking and implementing it is one thing It is the second thing to say that!

It is difficult to speak this thing when it has just been spoken! I've seen many such people, they support us every moment, every situation, every situation! There are so many people in my life, Nobody has left me. Someone has born, someone has understood, someone has taught and somebody has played well and saved!

Those who are with me today have always been my friends! In every situation, in every question! Do not make mistakes! Those who forgive the mistakes are the same life! Without the many people, like we are not, so many people also do without us. Do not do such a thing! If not, do not cooperate. Do not disturb him, do not object in his work!

You are in then!

More than your cooperation!

Will keep you in the future with your cooperation!

अनुवाद:सप्तरंगी फाउंडेशन,गुजरात।


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