Photocopy will not...

Today, young children

Let the moon touch the stars,

Read two four books

They will be like us!

A teacher should also have an influence in our lives. Mahatma Gandhi also did not escape with such an impact.Hey, why is Bapu alone? Most people have no role in the life of all the people. Be sure to be one. One of my friend Pradeep Singh (Bhavnagar) 'Bapu'. He works with joyful learning with new tricks. He sends news, videos and photos to me. Today, whatever he has sent that says  something to our education system. Ohh!! that sounds a lot..

The teacher can be influenced in life! All the children studied together have different impressions on different people! Here are the questions, what is in the mind of the teacher, only the children understand them.If this happens then? If our carbon copy of the room goes out ? If yes, then what will happen to all India like us?

We just have to be a guide, not to photocopy our thinking or beliefs.

#अनुवाद:सप्तरंगी फाउंडेशन,गुजरात।


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