One day one person was going to the railway station by an auto. Auto driver  was driving auto restlessly. A car suddenly came out of the parking lot and came on the road. The auto driver brake fast and survived collision with the car. The car driver began to call the auto driver as bad as he can when the fault was the car driver. The auto driver was an orchestrated (listening to positive thoughts). He did not get angry with the car's person and proceeded apologizing. The person sitting in auto was angry at the car's move and asked the auto-owner why did you let the car go without saying something like that. He said good-bye to you, while the mistake was his. Our luck is good, otherwise we are in the hospital because of that.Auto guy said, Sir , many people are like a garbage truck. They run a lot of garbage stuff in their brains.

Hard work is done for those things which are not needed in life, such as anger, hatred, anxiety, despair etc. When their garbage gets very much in their minds, they begin to find an opportunity to throw it on others to lighten their burden. 

That's why I keep distance from such people and I am saying goodbye to them from a distance.Because if I accept the garbage dumped by people like them, then I will also become a garbage truck and along with it I will continue to cut the waste. 

I think life is very beautiful, so thank those who treat us well, thank them and forgive those who do not treat us well, smiling. We must remember that not all mental patients are in the hospital alone.Some keep roaming around us in the open. Rules of nature: If seeds are not put in the field, then nature fills it with grass. 

In the same way if you do not fill positive thoughts in the brain, negative thoughts take place in your place.                                            

The second rule is that the one who has the one shares what he does. "Happy" distributes happiness, distributes sadness, distributes knowledge of "knowledgeable", distributes illusions, and fears "fear" fears. He who is scared himself scares others. 

अनुवाद:सप्तरंगी फाउंडेशन,गुजरात।


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