Our Happiness

Many times this happens.We are not satisfied with our lives! There are many people in the world who want to live like you! A farmer's child sees the plane flying in the sky and sees the dream of sitting or blowing in it! The same driver, Seeing the village, she misses the house! This is the truth! This is life!

If the man was happy with the peso, then the rich people dance in the road! Often such poor and middle class performs only! If there is anything from the power, then why should the security of the security of the ruling party? Those who live by the truth are happy! If beauty and fame Only the life of Satisfaction, then the film stars should have a successful married life!

There is a little story!

There was a young man! There was a train in the train! He was unemployed! When he saw that his maiden was sitting on his feet, there were expensive shoes in his feet! Youth was unhappy! He has come to you, he is cursing you! Your poverty! When the station came, On the right side, the monsieur began to descend! When young  saw it, he did not have a foot!

Why are we cursing ourselves! Those who are not ours, they were not ours! If it happened yesterday, then what happened! If not, what will happen! We have to move on to our book! You are not sad to think such a thing! Do not get any support! Only one place gets co-operation, that is your favorite person! Whatever you are yourself! You can not be someone from your side! Why do you see the life of others, let's make your way!
ट्रांसलेशन:मित्तल मुसारिया(मोडासा)


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