No are not sharp...

Today is the time of Sharp tomorrow! Sharp people and Sharp stuff we like most! They say that whoever has sharpness, he will do anything too! Everybody needs an example in understanding! Everything is related to education! It does not seem necessary to understand everything, except for simple and simple practical examples!

There was a companion in a project with me! They were the people of Madras! They always guide, love and understand! Once they said, 'If you have four pencils, you have missed the point of three! There is a pencil left Sharp! Who would you like to write?

I told them to write a sharp pencil! Then he said, 'It is good to be look sharp, but if you do not do anything, Sharp looks! Then there is no point!

Whatever works, he will forget it! If he makes a mistake then he should accept it!

After doing nothing, it is easy to get rid of mistake! Why do you want to remove that mistake from someone else's work! Sharp can not work! Not only does Sharp look do not work!

We have to make our identities! No, we advertise our advertise! Whatever work will be done, the same thing will happen! Today there is such an environment that the team is tired of working! Then a new person takes all credit by making a Sharp presentation!

No one looks like that, MGR, when you see a foot coming, then you know who will have done the job! By doing nothing, nothing can be shown anything! There is no shame in showing nothing at all! Whatever work is yours, Eventually you will get his credit! Surely you do not see Sharpe today! Today you have it! You will always be with yourself!
अनुवादक:मित्तल मसारिया(मोडासा)


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