Indipendent prisedent of india

Our new presidents were fixed! Kovind ji is now our President! NDA's candidates have won! From now on, they will be our 14 presidents! Before this, I wrote about the presidential election! All the presidents till today Or party was connected to the party! Like Kovind was associated with NDA! After becoming President or Vice President, a person can not become a member of any political party!

Today, I will talk about such a President who was an independent candidate who had won the first time as an independent candidate in the history of India! Yes, that was the rule of Indira Gandhi that the party candidate lost and Indira ji won her Independent candidate! Since then, Indira has become India! Like today, Modi is India!

He was involved in the independence movement of Ireland. He used to study there that way!

V.V.Giri came to India! His country was a slave! The British was the Shashan! The rail service was new! Here the staff of the employee and others who exploited him!

He was the first Labor Minister of independent India! He was the governor of Kerala and Karnataka! Before becoming President, he had worked as Vice President from 1967. Only one Independent elected in the history of India elected President V.V. Giri's name was Varhagiri Venkata Giri, born on the day of 1894, Jogiyah was born in Pantul's house! His father V.V.Jogiyah was a famous lawyer of Odissi!

Right now, the new President has come in! I wish him all the best from the whole of India!


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