Chanakya and...

Samrat Chandragupta once said to Chanakya, Chanakya, and wish you were beautiful?Chanakya said, 'Rajan, man is identified with his qualities, not by nature.'

Then Chandragupta asked, 'Can someone give an example where the appearance of the property has been shortened?'Then Chanakya gave the king two glasses of water to drink.

Then Chanakya said first glass of water of gold pitcher and the pitcher another glass of water and soil, to which the water was good. "

Chandragupta said, 'the glass filled with spicy'.

Nearly the emperor Chandragupta's wife was present, he was greatly influenced by this example.

He said, 'The gold pitcher which can not be quenched by the thirst of which work.

Even if the pot is very ugly, but the thirst quenches from the water of pottery, that is, the virtue is not great.

In the same way, man is worshiped not because of his own nature but due to subordinate qualities.The form is today, tomorrow. But the qualities remain alive until the life is there, and live even after death. 

Mittal Ritesh Musariya
Mora Primary &  Upper Primary School 


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