Yes I am Teacher

I'm a teacher.
Behind that doctor, It's me, a teacher.
Above those astronomers,It's me, a teacher.
I carry the light even though they mostly make jokes of me.But i am a teacher.I don't qualify for a bungalow or a villa nor earn enough to buy an expensive House.Car like Corrupt Officers n Corrupt Politician.But yes, i am a teacher.Some think or even say that i have too many holidays, never knowing that i spend those holidays either correcting papers or planning what and how I'm going to teach when i go back to school,College,Institution.
Because i am a teacher.Sometimes i get confused and even get stressed by the ever changing policies over what and how i have to teach.
Despite all that i am a teacher and i love to teach and i'm teaching.

On pay days i don't laugh as Corrupt Officers n others do, but by the next day i love to come with a smile to those that i teach.Because i'm a teacher.The main source of my satisfaction is when i see THEM growing, succeeding, having all those assets, bravely facing the world and its challenges, and i say yes i've taught in spite of living in a world opened by Google. Because i am a teacher.Yes i am a teacher.
It doesn't matter how they look at me, 
It doesn't matter how much more they earn than I DO, 
It doesn't matter that they drive while I walk because all what they have is through me,A teacher.Whether they acknowledge me or not.I am a teacher.


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