Who rotates: the Earth or the Sun?

Karan’s uncle lived in Rajkot. Karan wanted to go to his house in diwali Break. After the festivals of diwali, karan left for Rajkot with his brother. They went there by train from Ahmedabad. The train would left at 10:00 a.m. before leaving, elder brother gave some instructions to karan. Like, “don’t play mischief in running train. There is a toiletry facility available in the train. We have to use it in proper way. These facilities are for all the passengers.”  Karan was not listening the instructions..He just interested in looking at the passengers passing by.  
There was lot of noise in the compartment. There was some instructions from the railway station. Karan was sitting inside and elder brother stood outside..karan shouted ..” bhai…come fast ..Our train is going on.” elder brother replied: “no..dear it is nearby train which is going on..But it looks like ours.”
Passengers were smiling at karan for his shouting. After some time elder brother came in the compartment and sat with karan. Karan was watching everything outside the train while it was going on. Brother was reading newspaper.
Karan: “see brother  ... the big building going to left side..see this tree  also….” Brother stopped him in between and said: the building was not going to the left side but our train is going from left to right direction.”
Karan: “yes, that’s why the building looks like running.”
They were talking. Train ran too quickly. Elder brother: "Karan, from which direction the sun rises?" 
Karan: “ bro.. it comes from the East and goes in the West.” Hearing this brother laughed. He said :” ohho! The sun does not move. The earth moves. See that’s why this building, trees or lamppost all look like moving. See for example , the Earth is like our train. Here our train moves forward, so the building also looks coming towards us.”

Karan understood the matter . train stopped. Vendors and passengers were coming and going . again the whistle was blowing. Train started. Karan looked at the car, bunglows and trees which left towards front to back. Now he knew that train was moving ahead so the trees.


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