Who brings a lemon?

Nishant was elder brother of jaina. She passed fourth standard and Nishant stood first in class seven. There were holidays of summer vacation. Granny was making lemon juice for them. Jaina was playing with lemon near granny. Nishant came there and tapped on jaina’s head. Jaina missed the lemon from her hand. Lemon went at the bottom of a pot full of water. Jaina was going to bring it back with her hands but Nishant shouted , “ waiiitt. See this lemon is at the bottom of a pot. “ jaina felt crying . 

Looking at her Nishant said: “ see, do something that the lemon comes up automatically.” Jaina could not understood what he was saying.She said:”why are you teasing me? How is it possible that the lemon comes up from the bottom ?”
She felt crying. And granny told Nishant that why he was talking like a mad person. She added that if he was able to do that than do that.
Nishant: “yes, jaina doesnot know but I can do it”.
Granny also could not understood his words. she told:” whatever you want to do ..do fast .i want to make lemon juice.”
Nishant went to bring something . granny made joke on him and told that it was not come up.
Nishant:” ye..s.it will come up”. His eyes were searching something. He took the bag of a salt.
Granny:”what is this?”
Nishant was doing like a magician:”agagamm…aabhaaadam…chhhuuu…lemon….upppaaaam…..chhhuuu.”
Granny saw this and laughed. Jaina also saw everything.
Nishant repeatedly doing like a magician. He added some salt in the pot of the water in which the lemon was. Lemon came up gradually. Jaina did not know that when salt is added to the water lemon comes up in the water. Nishant pointed that to jaina. And continuously he was doing like a magician.
Jaina and Granny became happy to see that. Jaina said:” please..brother show me how to do it…let me do it.”
Nishant:” what to learn in it? Its easy. See , when the lemon was in the water the density of the lemon was very heavy and gradually as salt added to the water the density of the water also inceased and lemon became lighter”.
Jaina felt confused by hearing the word” density”. She said that simply salt was added to the water and water became heavy and lemon became light. and as it became light in weight it came up from the bottom of the pot.
Nishant said that she understood correctly. Granny also listened Nishant’s talk and ultimately Granny made lemon juice and enjoyed it.


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