Increases or decreases in weight?

Children were playing kho kho with Jayeshbhai in the school. Everybody was enjoying the game and all of a sudden the voice of crying of a boy came. All saw at the boy. Two boys had been playing and one of them was injured with the brick on his leg. So he was crying.
A small boy told:” sir…a brick falls on my is paining” and he was crying.
Jayeshbhai checked a boy as well as his leg. He said: “ see.. while playing it happens. You need not to cry. I washes your leg with water. It will not paining.” 

Jayeshbhai instructed viral to bring water. She brought water. Jayeshbhai was checking the leg from all sides. A boy stopped crying. He drank water.
Jayeshbhai was talking with a boy. He said:  “how much weight the brick has which injured you?” all were puzzled.
One boy said:” two kilos”. A girl said:” sir..four kilos.” A small boy said: it was heavy, so it has a weight.” Everybody laughed to hear his answer.
Teacher got different answers so he told that it was not like that they should check the exact weight of the brick. He was prepared to weigh the brick. He tied the brick with the string. And took the weighing machine to get the exact weight. Its exact weight was two kilos. He showed the weight of the brick to all. Jayeshbhai called to bring the bucket of water. One boy went back with it. Jayeshbhai  had sunk the piece of the brick in the bucket not till the bottom. And did the weight of the brick again. All children told that the weight of the brick would be increases. Teacher prevented them and told to observe first the process. After the process, when he put the piece of the brick on the weighing machine the weight of the brick was one kilo. All were shocked.
Viral asked teacher. When it was out of water it’s of two kilos and in the water only one kilo why it is so. Jayeshbhai looked at everybody and asked:”why is it so..tell me?”
Children were puzzled. Jayeshbahi said: “ see children ..each atmosphere has different weights whether it is brick or it is an iron vessel. Each objects weights would be changeable according to atmosphere. “A boy asked  : “sir, why the weight reduced while brick was the same? ”
Teacher replied:” see , when the weight is of two kilos there was no water surrounding the brick. And the weight is of one kilo it is surrounded by the water. Due the change in the atmosphere it is so. If we do the same in the salty water, the answer would be different. If we do the same in kerosene, weight would be changed. Therefore we can say that the weight would be changed according to the atmosphere. Children understood their teacher’s talk. And that was the time to go home. Children were moving toward their home.


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