Air, water and sun

Parimal was sitting on the bench outside the house. Hetal came there and told: “parimal, what are you writing?” parimal replied: “I write about water and its wastage.” Hetal said:”the whole village use water. And many people waste water..Then why should you write about it? Will people stop wastage of water by your writing? Will they start saving of water?” hetal was teasing parimal. Parimal angried and said: ohho! This is my homework which I need to carry with me at the school. That’s why I am writing.” Parimal had seen that hetal was also writing something. Parimal started teasing her. He said: “ write how water is useful to us”. Hetal: don’t be wise. I know everything about water. What do you want to know about water? Ask me”. Parimal: “ I know that you know everything about water but do you know…..” he stopped. Hetal said “ why stopped? Ask me. What do want to know?”. Parimal said: when I complete my work we will do something new..”
Every day they sit together and do their work or play. They live in the same street, study in the same school.
Parimal and hetal finished their writing. Hetal:” I have finished my work, now tell me what to do?” parimal said : today we come to kanow something new in the school. I will tell you. Lets prepare for that. Go and fetch the tumbler fill with water. I bring moong seeds, a string and a piece of cotton cloth and also bring a square wooden piece.”
After some time both gathered. Parimal tied up some seeds of moong at different levels on the wooden square. Hetal observed this. She said: what are we going to do?” parimal said:” we tied up these moong seeds at different distance of the wood and sink it in the waterbox and put it in the sunlight.” After it parimal do the same.
Hetal said: “ now? What to do?” parimal to hetal:” we will see this tumbler after four to five days.”
 hetal: “ what will happen to these seeds?”
parimal: “ that wil see after four days”
they went to play and put the tumbler at a safe place.
Gradually four days had passed. On the fourth day, after the school parimal and hetal directly reached to the tumbler. They saw that the moong beans which were at the bottom or at the top without water were not sprouted.  Hetal was surprised.
But she saw that the cotton cloth sank in the water that portions moong beans were sprouted.
Hetal: “how is it possible?”
Parimal: “ see,  a plant needs air, water and sunlight to grow. Water only cannot do or the sunlight cannot able to grow the plant. “

Hetal:” yes parimal , you are right. I understand. That’s why the top tied moong beans as well as the bottom tied  are not sprouted. Now I can understand that if the seed gets the sunlight, water and air in sufficient way than only a plant or a tree can grow up. And among these three, water is the essential part so we should save water.” 

factors needed to grow the seeds and result of the process.


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