About foundation:

Abhipraay Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to create better India which provides basic education, health and empowerment to citizens through enhanced awareness. Abhipraay Foundation revisits social problems from a different perspective. A perspective which involves crowdsourcing and technology to solve burning social, political and environmental issues.
L D Gupta:
An Engineering Graduate from Kanpur, Post Graduate from IIT Bombay and Diploma in Management from MS University has started his career with Siemens India Ltd. Later on, he worked as Designer of Rotating Electrical Machines with Jyoti Ltd. Baroda. After a tenure of five years with Engineers India Ltd., he joined NTPC Ltd. and worked there in various disciplines of Power Sector and retired as Executive Director. He has also served with Jaypee Group as Senior Vice President for a few years. As a free lancer, he provided Consultancy Services to Jindal Power, Aether Engineering and other Companies.
Apart from his profession, Mr. Gupta has a keen interest in various social activities. Be it an engagement of RWA, Charitable Trust, School Development or a Co-Operative housing Society, his conduct while leading these entities was always above board. Wherever he works, he has a calibre to take along all his associates with him.
Viral Pandya:
An impeccable technical background, Viral is an interdisciplinary engineer with more than 12 years
expertise in innovative analysis, programming and R&D skills in the delivery of technical strategies and solutions. Viral is a graduate in engineering and holds a B.E. degree from L.D.College of Engineering, Ahmedabad. Countinuous growth in technical knowledge and exploring new technical implementatio is her passion in professional world. Formally, at Microsoft India, Viral is now working as Technical Lead in Axero Solutions LLC. Some of Viral's main interests are sketching, oil/water painting (portraying flowers, still lives, nature and 3D objects), swimming and playing outdoor games. Child health and educations are the disciplines where her heart lies. She dreams of a world where children feel happy, healthy and safe. She is working towards creating such an environment around her neighborhood.viral write on  issue.please read and join with 'Abhipraay' 

               '' ऐक किनारे पुरूष खड़ा हैं,एक किनारे नारी !
                                                    आज देखो दोने में फांसला हैं भारी !
                मनमानी आज़ादी लेकर पंची उडाता ऊपर,
                                                       कटें पेरो से दूजा पंची तड़प रहा हैं भू पर.! ''


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