Development of GOOD Personal Habits


Should be able to Develop the Following habits
*   Washing hand before and after meals
*  Maintaining personal cleanliness
*   Eating in proper ways
*   using the toilet properly
*   putting garbage into dustbins
*   coming to the pre-school regularly
Some suggestedActivities:
ü Free and structured conversation associated with the routin and releted to persnol hygience helps children understand the need to have good  pirsnal habits.
ü Stories,rhymes and puppet play are also effective in carrying the relevant messeges to the children,
for example…

Here we go around the mango tree,mango tree,tree
Early in the morning

this is the way we brush our theth
brush our theth,brush our theth….

Early in the morning
This is the Way we comb our hair…
ü Picture card of good and bad habits can be made.children can be asked to classify these.
ü Before meals orafter plaining in the mud or sand get the children should be taken to the toilet regularly.
ü Similarly,after outdoor play or after the mid-break,children should be encouraged to
      -sit in circle in small group,if  space permits;
      -wait for all the children to come and then open their boxes and eat properly,put any waste paper or peel in a bowl kept in the centre for this purpose;
      -put their tiffin boxes back in place.
ü when children come in the morning they should be encouraged to keep their benlongings in the allotted place.
ü Similarly,after free play activities they should be asked to put all the play material back In place neatly,quietly and with out throwing or banging object.



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