Social Science in Cyber Class...


                               Mr. HARAJI PRAJAPATI SET THE  SOCICAL CYBER CLASS


 The Cyber Class 

of Social Science

                       It was once again golden Friday for us on 20th March. We kept a coma ‘,’ to our cyber class. Mr Sanjaybhai Trivedi , The Research Associates of GCERT, Gandhinagar guided us to make lesson plane and facilitator to get all requirement. Mr Vijaybhai Patel was also there to help us to bring students and moral support. We brought the students of Municipal Corporation School No. 6 B of Gandhinagar.
                      The last cyber class was started by Mr Dinesh Desai, an author and convener of Social Science std. 5th to 7th. Mr Dinesh Desai is convener of Quality Enhancement Cell, SSAM, Gandhinagar.Mr Jayesh Patel BRCCo. of Diyodar block sang an action song and gave the next activity to Mr Harjibhai Prajapati a teacher from Patan district. He gave basic information about Roads. He called Mr Bhavesh Pandya, the teacher of Sanath Prm.School of Palanpur district. Mr Bhavesh Pandya did some activity to understand the sign on Road. He invited Mrs Parashben Parmar, a teacher from Chhatral Prm.School of Gandhinagar district. She gave all information to students about air ways. She called Mr Jayeshbhai Patel for evolution activities and finally Mr Bhavesh Pandya did few action of vehicles with music. I got chance to cooperate all three teachers in video clipping’s mixing during their on air live lesson. I was happy to enjoy different kind of work and it was unforgotable experience. I am happy to participant in the cyber class...
Here are few snap shots of studio BISAG from inside.

Bhavesh Pandya doing Actions of Vehicle wit music. 
Jayesh patel play DHOL.
Parasben Paramar see the action song.


Bhavesh giving instruction during off air to students

Mr Dineshbhai, Mr Vijaybhai, Miss Darshanaben and Mr Sanjaybhai and mr Bhavesh pandya.

Mr Dinesh Desai 'the role model of many gujarati teachers' ready to say Namaskar on air

Final call from Mr Rajesh, the studio supervisorOn air...

Lets Dance to gether

Mr Jayesh Patel sung action song

Students enjoying action songMr Bhavesh Pandya information on sign boards

Mrs Parasben Parmar live on television

Mr Harjibhai teaching finding place on map

Students are having fun in different action
Mrs Parasben Parmar live on camara

Mr Bhavesh Pandya doing Actions of Vehicle wit music

Lunch Time for all of us



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