For the last couple of years we all who is involved in education department are struggling to get result in students. We all work hard but there is something missing which keeps us far from the result. We run remedial classes to teach and develop reading, writing and basic math skills in students. During final assessment at the end of remedial class students gets “A” rank but when again evaluation held in new year’s those same students comes in poor students list. Every students and teachers gets disappointed due to result. Teacher search for proper way but there is no way until we change the whole system. What are the real and proper techniques to give learning experience and make long life memory in students…? All problems and questions answer ends to change the system… Yes, the proper solution is Activity Based Learning (ABL)….Teacher has to follow the system and make changes before we have to change our selves…
Here is all about how ABL (Activity Based Learning) gives result to teachers for what he teaches and to students for what he learns… It works on basic principle of “I Hear; I forget, I see; I remember, I do; I understand..”
Activity - Based Learning (ABL) Modules (Joyful Learning)

The ABL approach is unique and effective to attract out-of -school children to schools. The teachers who are involved in implementing this method have developed activities for each learning unit which facilitated readiness for learning, instruction, reinforcement and evaluation. ABL has transformed the classrooms into hubs of activities and meaningful learning.
ABL – An innovative approach
The ABL concept has been taken from the Rishi Valley practices. Now it is applied in Tamilnadu, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Other few states of India. In the year of 2003 we have tried ABL as MGML in few district of Gujarat with the help of UNICEF but due to administrative role we fail to apply all over. Now time came to accept the ABL in Gujarat.
Initially, a core team was asked to investigate the current practices of classroom process and find out the reasons for the low achievement of children. As the team members had rich exposure in the field of primary education they had strong faith on children, parents, teachers and the government that they would not be responsible for low achievement of children. Then, after close study in some of the schools in the rural & corporation area, the team identified the following as the malady of conventional process.
˜ Teacher dominates the classroom always.
˜ Rare use of teaching learning materials.
˜ Most of the time the lecture method was followed.
˜ Importance was given to rote learning.
˜ Teachers are under the assumption that they know everything and
Children do not know anything.
˜ Teacher assumes uniform learning pace and uniform level of
Achievement among children.
˜ The gap between teacher and children are more.
˜ Focus is given on teaching rather than learning.
˜ No scope to cover the loss of learning during the period of absence of
˜ Multigrade and multi level is not addressed.
˜ Traditional way of evaluation.
˜ Absence of joyous based extra activities.
˜ Absence of play way and learning by doing activities.
˜ Less chance for mutual and self learning.
˜ Coverage of syllabus by the teacher and not by the children.
˜ Classroom with less facilities for learning activities.
˜ Instructional materials neither intensive nor attractive.
˜ Lack of learning freedom - more of time restricted environment.
To overcome the above malady in teaching learning process a suitable strategy called Activity Based Learning (ABL)
The Process of ABL approach

˜ Competencies are split into different parts/units and converted into
different activities.
˜ Each part/unit is called a milestone.
˜ In each subject, the relevant milestones are clustered and linked as
chain and this chain of milestones is called LADDER.
˜ Milestones are arranged in a logical sequence from simple to
complex and also activities in each milestone.
˜ To enable the children to organize in groups group cards are used.
˜ Evaluation is inbuilt in the system. Separate cards / activities are used
for this purpose.
˜ Each child is provided with workbook/worksheet for further
reinforcement activities.
˜ Children's progress are recorded through annual assessment chart.
Each milestone has different type of activities such as introduction, reinforcement, practice, evaluation, remedial and enrichment activites represented by different logos.
Benefits of ABL approach
v Children learn on their pace.
v Provision of more time for self-directed learning and teacher directed learning is reduced considerably.
= Group learning, mutual learning and self learning are promoted.
= Teachers teaching time is judiciously distributed among children. Only needy children are addressed by teachers.
= Children's participation in every step is ensured in the process of learning.
= Evaluation is inbuilt in the system it is done without the child knowing it.
= Rote learning is discouraged and almost no scope for rote learning.
= Periodical absence of child from school is properly addressed.
= Classroom transaction is based on child's needs and interests.
= Freedom to child in learning as he chooses his activity.
= Multigrade and multilevel in learning is effectively addressed.
= No child can move to the next higher step of learning unless attains the previous one.
= Sense of achievement boosts child's confidence and morale.
= Attractive cards and activity create interest among children.
= Scope for child's development in creative and communicative skills.
=Children will have a feel of security as they sit in rounds in the groups.
= Children are allowed to move in the classroom as they choose their activity.
= Moreover the distance between the teacher and the child is largely reduced and the teacher acts as a facilitator rather than teacher.


Usha Patel said…
very nice information but also should be apply also in Gujarat..really it result oriented and effective to make students innovative student in future..I hope so...
Bee The Change said…
ઉષાબેન ....
ખૂબ આભાર.આપ મને વાંચો છો.
આપના પ્રત્યેક સૂચનને આવકારું છું.
આપનું દરેક સૂચન અમલી બને તેવો પ્રયત્ન કરીશ.
પુન:આભાર સાથે આનંદ.
Bee The Change said…
ઉષાબેન ....
ખૂબ આભાર.આપ મને વાંચો છો.
આપના પ્રત્યેક સૂચનને આવકારું છું.
આપનું દરેક સૂચન અમલી બને તેવો પ્રયત્ન કરીશ.
પુન:આભાર સાથે આનંદ.

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